Who are we?
  S&PK Network, Inc. is a minority certified job placement agency located in
Milwaukee, WI, offering our services to South-East Asian and other minorities
since 1997. We are a multi-cultural and multi-lingual agency, capable of speaking
many languages including:


  We provide light industrial job opportunities such as, assembly, packing, and machine operating starting with temporary placement and eventually permanent
placement with productive employees.

  With our companies, our mission is to provide the best employees to further the
company's goals and achieve the highest quality of labor in the process.
With our employees and communities, our mission is to find jobs that best suit
their individual skills so they can build more experience and craft their work
abilities to perfection.

If you are interested in our agency, please
contact us for more information!
About Us
Visit us at:
6001 W Center ST
Suite 101
Milwaukee, WI